Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Courtney's Cute Hair!

Tonight Courtney got a cute hair cut and style. Thought I'd share!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fool's!!!

I made an April's Fool's dinner for the girls, Chris and Chris's sister Jenny. (She comes over on Thursday nights to watch Grey's with me!!!)

We had grilled cheese and cupcakes but they were actually something different. The grilled cheese was toasted pound cake with orange tinted frosting and the cupcakes were meatloaf with pink tinted mashed potatoes!!! :)
Kylee went for dessert first!

Courtney said "Mommy! This is NOT grilled cheese!"

Mommy! Those are mashed potatoes!
Kylee a mess!
MMMMMM....Courtney ate more dinner last night then she ever has before! And she said "This is the BEST DINNER EVER!" ;)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Courtney's 1st Soccer Practice and 1st Soccer Game!

Courtney's soccer coach is named Dan, just like her Grandpa Dan! She was so excited that she knows two Dans. She loved her uniform and her new team is called the "Snowballers." It was almost the "Butterflies." She did get the ball once and almost scored a point for the other team! After the game she said "Mommy, I tried to score a goal but they wouldn't let me!" They are so cute at this age!

Practice: (Courtney is in Yellow)

Kylee calling Grandma Lorna:

Courtney's First Game:
The uniform: #4 (Chris's favorite # & Courtney's age)

Kick Off:

Half Time instructions from Coach:

Courtney's first throw:

Hogle Zoo

We went to the Hogle Zoo with our girls and two nephews, Carson and Caden. We all had a blast. They probably got sick of me taking pictures but they never complained. :)

Group Pictures:

In front of the Gorilla:

At the Bird Show:
On the Train:
In the Asian Highlands Exhibit:
In front of the Zebras:
At the elephant exhibits:
(This elephant spits water and scared Courtney and Caden the first time, they both jumped back. Then they thought it was pretty fun.)
Riding on the Carousel:

New Babies at the Zoo:
Baby Snow Leopard

New Baby Giraffe!
Can you see him sitting to the right of his mother?
Newest Fairbourn Baby...Kylee. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

SoCcEr CaMp!!!!!

Courtney LOVED soccer camp! Chris & Cassie enjoyed watching her! We think she may be a left footer. She writes and colors with both hands right now. Cassie cannot wait to coach Courtney and her team towards the end of August!

Our little lefty!

Wacky Wednesday! Mom painted Courtney's face!

Wacky Wednesday everyone pretended to fly!

Kylee just chillin'


Courtney was the only girl and did a great job defending the ball from those boys!

Courtney & her coach Jay (from England!)

Other San Diego Activities

We found out Kylee LOVED the pool just like her big sister! (She did like to eat the sand at the beach as well but didn't have the camera with us.) Chris and Cassie attended a session in the San Diego Temple. (BEAUTIFUL Temple!!!) Another San Diego Vacation highlight: Courtney & Chris rode an elephant at the San Diego County Fair.
Most of the time Kylee tried to DRINK the pool!
Cute little Courtney!
Kylee, Chris & Courtney!

San Diego Temple
Courtney, Chris & some lady riding an Elephant at the San Diego County Fair. (They put multiple paying customers on the same ride.)

Fourth of July

We had a great time in Dana Point, CA with the Peterson's for the fourth of July. Although Cassie was a little homesick for Kanab's 4th of July celebration it was still fun to be with family and celebrate our nation's Independance Day!

Courtney & Kylee in their red, white & blue!

"Friend Elise", Courtney, Max and Kylee watching the fireworks!
The fireworks were over the ocean and we watched them from the hills above!